Our Mission

Whether an individual is upgrading their kitchen, or a builder needs a dependable counter surface, they know they can rely on our experience and quality.

Our Experience

Amarillo Plastic Fabricators began our journey in 1951 by providing custom countertops to clients. Since then, we have added cabinets, sinks, and even wall beds to our specialties.

Our Quality

Our goal is to make your buying experience as pleasant as possible and your decision to use Amarillo Plastic Fabricators one that you will never regret.

Making houses homes since 1951.

Over 60 Years of Quality Service

For more than 60 years, Amarillo Plastic Fabricators has been synonymous with quality and service. Whether your kitchen, bath, or business needs remodeling, you know that you can trust and rely on Amarillo Plastic Fabricators for quality workmanship, every time.


"I have been associated with APF for over 25 years and have known them for their expertise and knowledge in their scope of work. Amarillo Plastic Fabricators recently installed avanza quartz in my kitchen and have been very pleased with the ease of cleaning and durability of the product. I would highly recommend APF and will use them again."

Commercial Choices

For commercial installations, laminate cabinets are soaring in popularity due to ease of installation and cleaning. Laminate cabinets also boast beautiful color options and are more cost effective than other options. Custom office furniture has always been a staple of our company.


As the market changes, so does our focus. New product lines are being added to our inventory every year. and with that, the options available to you become more and greater. With Amarillo Plastic Fabricators, you can rely on our experience to ensure that the product you are receiving will be perfect for you, your family, and your business.


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BBB Accredited Business

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