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Education and Athletic Architectural Millwork

    Since 1951, Amarillo Plastic Fabricators have provided custom millwork, casework, and cabinetry to the education industry. We have worked in every type of educational building you can imagine, from elementary schools through universities. We have built for middle schools, high schools, prep school, academies, and colleges. Amarillo Plastic
Fabricators provide custom millwork, office millwork and casework, and classroom millwork and casework. In addition, we offer laboratory millwork and casework, trim, paneling, cabinetry, and countertops. Whether it’s a new project or improvements on an existing project, Amarillo Plastic Fabricators can provide casework and millwork to meet the needs of any school at any level.
    At Amarillo Plastic Fabricators, we specialize in custom trophy displays, concession areas, and display cases. Our custom casework and millwork brings life to the school’s gathering areas or gymnasium. We work with glass and stainless steel in coordination with general contractors to achieve your vision of excellence. Our experienced team offers a multitude of options so you will be satisfied with our custom work. No job is too big or too small. Our staff is always available to answer your questions and offer helpful suggestions and solutions regarding your project. We add value to our architectural products with matching trim and the ability to finish, edge, band, and mould in house. We offer custom sound manipulating mdf wall panels and wood wall planks. These provide the best sound distribution available for educational facilities and other spaces. The planks and panels also offer design and style enhancements for your space.
    The skilled fabricators at Amarillo Plastic Fabricators can create and install amazing, beautiful, customized pieces. Our pieces can fit even the most precise design specifications while continuing to reflect the highest standards in the cabinetry industry. By working with our clients through every step of design and installation, our team ensures the highest quality of workmanship and customer satisfaction.
    Amarillo Plastic Fabricators has successfully completed projects of all sizes. No job is too big, too small, or too complicated for our team. From teaching spaces and research labs, our custom millwork, casework, and cabinetry makes each space functional and stylish. The functionality and style extend beyond teaching areas and into the auditorium and other common areas. Our laminate and solid surfaces provide an advantage to wear by offering impact resistance with low maintenance. There is a wide choice of colors and finishes. Solid surfaces can also be routed, sculpted, engraved, and backlit at Amarillo Plastic Fabricators. Color permeates the surface of the material, allowing endless designs, inlays, and edging possibilities. Communities invest in their schools, and Amarillo Plastic Fabricators offer millwork and casework that grow and improve these invaluable community facilities.
When you work with Amarillo Plastic Fabricators, you can have peace of mind. Our technology and capabilities enhance every special millwork and custom casework project. We utilize programs like Alphacam, 2020, and Cabinet Vision to provide precise, excellent projects. By working with general contractors and design teams, we can take a simple vision and turn it into a quality finished product. Our projects are built to last. Concession areas concepts include materials that provide clean and sterile environments with easy clean up. We offer the best products on today’s market. We can customize anything from handicap accessible areas and tables to product storage areas. Amarillo Plastic Fabricators offers a wide variety of products to enhance access to everyday work areas. We make sure areas are easy to maintain as well as functional by adding bumper moulding on tables or providing folding tables.
    Contact Amarillo Plastic Fabricators today to see what we can do for your school spaces with our custom millwork and casework design.

Architectural Millwork

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