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The Murphy Wallbed Choice for Low-Ceiling Rooms
The SICO® Room Makers™ Side-Fold Wallbed System is the ideal choice for small rooms or when low ceiling heights or soffits are a concern. The bed folds horizontally and can be mounted on a wall or floor, making it perfect for dormitories and basements, too!

Two Rooms in One
Whether for a home, condo, timeshare unit, or hotel suite, a SICO® wallbed is the perfect way to add more usable living space to any room. Use the same room for sleeping at night, and functional use during the day.

Inner-spring Mattress, Box Spring & Padded Head Board
Maximize sleeping comfort with a conventional inner-spring mattress plus a standard box spring. The slanted, padded headboard is a delight for reading, or watching TV in bed. SICO® Room Makers™ accept quality bedding purchased from SICO®, or a mattress of your choice in six sizes from twin to king. It will also accommodate the thickness of a 10 1/2" pillow-top mattress.

Real Wood Wall Beds
We are proud to offer a variety of face designs, finishes, wood species, hardware, and options to help fit the decor you are looking to achieve in your room. Our real wood wall beds use some of the most environmentally conscious building materials consisting of solid wood and furniture grade hardwood plywood. The materials are hand-picked, cut, joined, shaped, built, sanded, and finished to provide a beautiful piece of furniture they can feel proud to display in your home.

Melamine Wall Beds
Melamine Wall Beds are just as durable as our real wood wall beds. These beds are built using the same body structure and mechanism. Melamine, which is a hard thermosetting fused resin coating to provide a durable hard surface. Melamine comes in a numerous about of colors and patterns which gives the appearance of real wood. They may seem like wood, but more than likely they are melamine cabinetry. These industry use them for the durability and easy cleaning they provide.

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