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Hospital, Medical, Healthcare Architectural Millwork

    Since 1951, Amarillo Plastic Fabricators has provided quality custom millwork, casework, and cabinetry to the healthcare industry. We have been a viable component of hospital, medical, healthcare, and dentistry environments. Our decades of experience have served a multitude of functions in a variety of locations. Our work can be found in areas for the general public all the way to clinical work spaces. Amarillo Plastic Fabricators completes work that contributes to the operational efficiency and performance of the location. In addition, our work elevates the warmth and comfort of the environment by adding an aesthetic appeal. The world of healthcare is a demanding and every expanding industry. We take pride in our work with medical millwork and casework, as it allows us to help grow and improve these valuable community facilities. At Amarillo Plastic Fabricators, we have the ability to finish, edge band, and mould in-house. Along with matching trim, this allows us to add value to each of our architectural products. In addition, we can create custom sound manipulation MDF wall panels and wood wall planks. This provides spaces with the best sound distribution while continuing to enhance the style and design of the space.
    Amarillo Plastic Fabricators specialize in creating areas that meet the needs of the medical community. Areas that are designed and built by our company are easily sterilized, antimicrobial, and designed to meet every need in healthcare and medical environments. We create dental project cabinets with superb supply storage. Our cabinets effectively utilize the space to contribute to highly productive, safe, and sterile working environments. Our company understands the importance of spaces that are not only highly functional, but also attractive and productive for all medical uses. The skilled fabricators with Amarillo Plastic creates and installs amazing and beautiful customized pieces. Our customized pieces can fit the most precise design specifications while continuing to reflect the highest standards of the cabinetry industry. Amarillo Plastic Fabricators works with clients through every step of the design and installation process. Our collaboration with each client ensures the job is completed at the highest quality. We have completed projects of all sizes. No project is too big, too small, or too complicated for our professional team.
    The medical community looks for applications that can withstand high wear. Solid surface materials such as Corian, Hi-macs, and Livingstone, are excellent choices. Solid throughout, these materials allow stains and scratches to be sanded out. Sheets are fused together and they are sanded for an inconspicuous seam. Solid surface sinks can also be fused into the sheet material to create the look and feel of one solid piece of cabinetry. To customize the look, different decorative edges can be applied. Solid surface is non-porous. Fluids and bacteria cannot settle into the surface, which helps the environment and work area to remain sanitary.

    The options for fabrication are varied. Amarillo Plastic Fabricators can help you choose the right one for your project. Choices include laminate, solid surface, quartz, and granite countertops. We have all of these materials and styles available in a wide range of price options. We have what you need to complete your project, at the price that’s right for you. When it comes to architectural millwork, casework, and cabinetry, Amarillo Plastic Fabricators can meet your needs. We offer a variety of wood options, including maple, pine, oak, cherry, and mahogany. Our vast selection of plywood and laminate wall panels offer choices that are perfect for any interior designs in the medical community. Hospitals, medical facilities, healthcare, and dentistry projects will feel professional and look beautiful. Come see us at Amarillo Plastic Fabricators today to get your project on the road to success.

Architectural Millwork

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