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Nail Salon and Spa Architectural Millwork

    Since 1951, Amarillo Plastic Fabricators has provided custom millwork, casework, and cabinetry for nail salons, spas, and specialty design industries. Our high quality millwork, casework, and cabinetry have been a viable component of these businesses for decades. Nail salons, spas, and specialty designs become more efficient work spaces due to our custom work. In addition, the space offers both employees and customers a warm and inviting atmosphere. Our experience in the field offers businesses the chance to increase their business by creating highly functional and beautiful spaces.
    Over the years, Amarillo Plastic Fabricators have contributed commercial casework, millwork, and cabinetry for a wide variety of businesses and locations. This experience gives us a unique insight into style, function, and longevity. We work hard to be on the cutting edge of our industry by keeping up to date with industry changes and their impacts on the businesses of our customers.
    Our expertise allows areas of your business to withstand high use and still look amazing. We can create restrooms and countertops that are easy to clean and sanitize but still look fresh and new. Nail salons and spas need storage casework to attractively showcase products or conceal supplies. They also have specialty needs, such as drying tables which we can design and build to the specifications that work best for your space. Amarillo Plastic Fabricators can create comfortable waiting and lounge areas. We can also install fashionable millwork for your media center. Your specialty designs may include wall paneling or surfacing that is attractive and fits your space. Shiplap and tongue and groove work are options that can add depth to your nail salon or spa. We have experience incorporating special needs and handicap access into spaces that will allow a natural flow. We can update your staircase railing, add chair rail moulding, and customize your elevator and stairwell. In addition to making your customers feel welcome and at ease, our custom millwork and framework can contribute to the productivity of your employees. We can create inviting administrative offices and food or concession areas. Finally, we can finish off your space with sills and running trim for a seamless look. Amarillo Plastic Fabricators can create the nail salon, spa, or specialty design that not only meets your needs, but also looks amazing.
    At Amarillo Plastic Fabricators, we believe that great communication is the key. We strive to keep communication between clients, architects, and our team productive to ensure that each project is successfully completed. The wide variety of work our company has completed has developed our expertise. With our expertise, we can take on and master the most challenging custom designs. Our goal is to exceed your expectations in every aspect of your project. In addition, Amarillo Plastic Fabricators offers a variety of wood options to complete architectural millwork, casework, and cabinetry. Varieties include maple, pine, oak, cherry, and mahogany. This wide variety ensures your space will be even more beautiful than you dreamed it. We use the latest machinery and technology available to build your cabinetry and millwork with precision.
    When designing and building your nail salon, spa, or specialty designs, Amarillo Plastic Fabricators is the expert you need to create the space you want. If you can dream it, we can help you make it happen.

Architectural Millwork

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