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Since the early 90’s Karran Sinks have been an industry leader when it comes to complete seamless integration into a laminate or solid surface countertop. This process allows for a totally sanitary, easy to clean sink experience that functions beyond expectation, yet is visually appealing and inspiring.

 When considering a sink for your home, you should consider what material you would like the sink to be made of and what type of sink you want. There are certain sinks which are better suited for the kitchen area, and others which work better in the bathrooms. Sinks which are more durable and resists stains are better suited for your kitchen. At Amarillo Plastic Fabricators, we offer both Acrylic and Stainless Steel, provided by Karran USA.

 Karran sinks are versatile and cutting edge sinks, perfect for kitchen or bathroom projects. Produced by Karran USA, these sinks were the first stainless steel sinks that were able to be undermounted to solid surface and to laminate countertops. Karran also makes stainless steel undermount sinks for quartz and granite countertops. All sinks offered by Karran can be seamlessly integrated into your Amarillo Plastic Fabricators countertop, giving you a high quality sink that won’t break your aesthetic. Karran sinks can be made from acrylic or stainless steel, so you can be sure you will find one to fit your decor and practical needs. Contact us or schedule an appointment to see all of the options we have for these amazing sinks!

Stainless Steel Karran Sinks

Stainless Steel sinks are popular models most typically found in commercial applications. Incredibly versatile, Stainless Steel is able to be installed and integrated into a single piece, seamless countertop setup. Several perks of Stainless Steel include their durability, resistance to heat, stains, and damage, as well as the absence of the traditional steel rim found on non Karran sinks. In the place of the steel rim comes a revolutionary resin matrix rim specially designed for seamless, single piece integration in both laminate and solid surface countertops. Machined flat on upper rim surfaces, Karran ensures there are no gaps or spaces when the sink is fully integrated. All Stainless Steel sinks are finished in a soft satin brushed European finish, which provides a luxurious look, however still provides the durability of a brushed finish.

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Acrylic Karran Sinks

Made of high density acrylic solid surface material, Acrylic sinks will not stain, discolor, or crack from thermal shock, as well as being extremely bacteria resistant due to the high density acrylic resin which is molded into each sink. Acrylic sinks feature a satin finish, which allows for the use of all types of cleaner, including abrasive cleaners. Acrylic sinks are also resurfaceable and repairable, ensuring that your sink can take whatever life throws at it. Acrylic sinks are available in white or bisque varieties. Acrylic was developed by a team of highly knowledgeable chemical engineers, and is a truly remarkable material. 100% acrylic resin is used in the production of a Karran sink, which is the key to its outstanding performance properties. Combine this with a fiberglass-reinforced resin backing and you have created one of the strongest and most durable solid surface sinks on the market today.

Custom Sink | Amarillo Plastic Fabricators

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