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Granite has been considered a top contender in countertop material for centuries. Prized for its durability and appearance, Granite offers a reliable countertop surface sure to last for decades, with minimal repair and upkeep. When you purchase a Granite Countertop, you are choosing to end your countertop journey there. Available in a wide variety of colors and patterns, Granite will ensure that your countertop vision is fulfilled. Made of dense, durable rock, Granite does not warp or fade with heat or cold, and is safe to use as a built in cutting board.


If you are looking for a material that can take a beating, granite is the ideal choice for you. It cannot be scratched, burned, or melted by conventional household items. Granite is so tough that it actually dulls knives when scratched! There’s no need to worry about setting a hot pan on granite either, as, when dry, granite can only melt at temperatures exceeding 2300℉.


Granite is but one of many types of igneous rocks. For commercial use, minerals and colors are mostly a matter of aesthetic. Thanks to the many variations of melted rock, we can choose from colors such as a pale grey, creamy tan, warm bronze, dark green, or even a stark black.

 All granite starts out as molten rock that cools underground. Unlike lava that erupts from a volcano with dramatic flair, granite does not erupt. Granite will stay underground and slowly cool down, changing from a thick liquid to a solid mass of crystals.


Depending on the depth and size of the magma chamber, the process of crystallization can take thousands to millions of years. Even though igneous rocks span different colors, textures, and mineral types, their overall properties are consistent. All of these stones are hard enough so they won’t get scratched with normal use.

Every rock pulled from the earth has its own mineral color, veining, and speckles, brought vividly to life by stoneworkers' saws and polishing wheels. So whether you select a solid granite, or a beige embedded, it will be as distinctive as an original work of art.


If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind, durable material that will last for years, then granite is the material for you! We offer a wide selection of granite so stop by and view our selection!

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