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Adding a Sico wallbed lets a room serve as more than just a bedroom, yet offers the sleeping comfort and back support of a conventional bed. Ideal where a room is needed for a home office which can be turned into an inviting sleeping space in seconds.


Consider a Sico wallbed when designing your home or office, and create a multi purpose room at an affordable price.

“When we built our new home in 2016 we went back to Amarillo Plastic Fabricators to help us design the perfect cabinet for our Sico wall bed that folds down right over a sofa. Again we were not disappointed. We love the comfort, versatility and extra sleeping space this wall bed provides. Thank you Amarillo Plastic Fabricators! “

“We bought our first wall bed from Amarillo Plastic Fabricators back in 2006 . It not only gave us an extra bed, but also transformed the look of our room . The bed is so comfortable that when our children come to visit they always choose to sleep on it.”

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