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Murphy-Style Beds | Sico® Wallbeds from Amarillo Plastic Fabricators

Sico® brand wallbeds, installed by Amarillo Plastic Fabricators, are a great option for families looking to save space while still providing extra sleeping options for family and friends. A Sico wall bed seamlessly transforms any bedroom into a multipurpose living area, so that guest room that you never use? Add a Sico Wall Bed to it, and now you have an office, guest room, and even game room, all in one! Read More About Sico


Wallbeds Create a Multi-Purpose Room

If your family is in need of a guest room, A murphy-style Sico Branded wallbed could make all the difference! Able to be seamlessly blended into any room, the murphy-style bed can stay out of sight when not needed, but with a simple pull, be ready for guests in just seconds. Add a wallbed to your den to take movie night to the next level! A Sico wallbed is great for the artist, who never knows when creativity may strike, and wants to be in their workroom.

Have a Comfortable Night's Sleep in a Sico® Wallbed

Not only are Sico® wallbeds space saving and functional; they are also extremely comfortable. They may be the most comfortable bed in the home. These wallbeds use a European system to support the mattress, giving you a comfortable night’s sleep without the unsupported, springy feel of a normal sofa bed. You can use your own conventional, high-quality mattress and box spring, or purchase one specially made for a Sico wallbed, with your Sico® wallbed. Wake up feeling rested, just like you would in a first-class, luxurious hotel bed. Sico® wallbeds are conveniently installed by the professionals at Amarillo Plastic Fabricators. Choose the bed size, style and design of your choice and order your wallbed today. Forget the uncomfortable sofa bed when your friends and family stay the night. Give them a comfortable, inviting bed to sleep on that will have them feeling refreshed and rested every morning of their stay. With options to match nearly any room décor, your Sico® wallbed will give any room in your home, business, fire station or rental property an elegant look and an extra sleeping option. Read more about Wallbeds here.

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